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Steve Whitney -

"The Outie is perfect! Ingenious design and exactly what I wanted. I use the Soltek for both studio and plein air work. For the latter, the small Soltek palette is adequate for my purposes, but in the studio it's too small."



Jeanette Le Grue -


"Of courselucky methese were made for me!

     "I use the Soltek easel, but always had to make do in order to have a larger palette. I love that the Innie folds up into my easel. I have been using both models for some time nowand they're just great.

     "Thank you Scott!"






Nancy Rhodes Harper -

"I love my set of palm palettes"!

Yes, I have both sizes. Here you see the "outie palette" freshly loaded with paint and ready to go.


Thanks Scott!!






Jeanette Baird -

"I enjoy my Innie Palm Palette very much. It fits nicely inside my Soltek for traveling and it gives me so much more room for mixing my paints! I am thinking about getting the larger "Outie" palette so I can have the best of both!!"

Good luck with your wonderful product!







Palm Palettes are popping up everywhere!

Patents pending.